Antique Rusty Pipe as Decorations

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One would never expect to use rusty pipe as decorations for houses. This is something to be expected because pipes are commonly known as means of water supplies and thing related to that. However, pipes now are slowly being used as the decoration for houses, and it turned out to be better than people would have thought. It definitely enhances the house.

Apartment Design with Rusty Pipe

To prove that classical rusty pipe can actually work, here is an example of an apartment with pipes for decorations. The theme that is used is classical theme fused with some modernization in the furniture. The couch that is used has the color of aqua blue plus dark-colored pillows. The couch is completed with circling light-colored wooden coffee table. Meanwhile, next to the couch is where the shelf is placed, exactly “on top” of the side of the wall. Unique fireplace is also placed next to the couch, with the base of the fireplace looking like half circle in the color of silver. Some of the furniture has normal designs, but the colors sure are unique for the eyes.
The uniqueness of the room is completed with the pipes. Pipes are placed here and there on the side of the wall, blending with the room. No worry is needed for this, because the wall, ceiling, and floor have colors that match with the classical pipe. The materials for the floor are varied from woods to concrete, but there is one thing they have in color: brown. The floor, ceiling, and even wood are in the color of brown, matching the color of the pipes used as the decorations. As it can be seen from the pictures, everything is in harmony within the house. Nothing clashes, and everything is comfortable for the eyes.

Classical Theme from the Rusty Pipe

Since everything is in brown with normal designs for the furniture, the theme that ends up appearing from the house is the classical theme. This is thanks to the brown everywhere in the house, and the pipe just gives a better antique ambiance for the house. The house is a proof that classical rusty for apartment is definitely something that should be considered to do.

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