An Elegant and Modern Westgate Residence in Brentwood

Lovely Living Environment Westgate

Living in a simply busy city requires everyone to have warm and comfortable house to take some rest from any activities. As a good example, we have an elegant but modern residence located in Brentwood, California. This house was originally built in 1948. However, today this house is really different from the past since Kurt Krueger Architect has renovated it with new and modern architectural design.

The interior of the house has been changed into fully decorated rooms which are connected one another. It seems that the architect has removed almost the whole interior doors which connect each room. This one-floor-house now has very comfortable interior. The interior is dominated by white concrete wall which is combined with warm baked hardwood flooring and furniture. Modern dining table set and some sofas which are mostly colored black are installed to bring modern color combination inside the house. Dramatic living room with modern fireplace and glass table is built connected with the other rooms, such as kitchen and dining room. On the other side, small but elegant bathroom is built side by side with large bedroom with perfect garden view outside the glass panels.

As an elegant but modern residence, Westgate house also has beautiful exterior design. The whole exterior wall is redecorated from the old and harsh concrete wall into comfort and classy walnut wood. Besides, Kurt Krueger Architect also installs dramatic large glass panels in several points. The large glass panels which are also functioned as static windows enable the owner to enjoy the garden view outside the door from inside. Not to forget, to give more comfort to the owner, the architect also builds large patio outside the house. Comfortable sofa and cushioned chairs are installed to the patio with some fountains and decorated plants surround them. Westgate Residence in Brentwood can be a great inspiration for everyone who is searching for an elegant but modern residence design. This one-floor-residence is not large but it can be a comfortable and warm place to stay after busy work days.

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