Amazing Villa Blabar on the Rocks

Pink Sofa Wooden Floor White Carpet Living Room

This amazing Villa Blabar is located not an even land. Basically this villa is located in the rocking area near the surrounding trees. Since it was in uneven land, some area of the villa need to be elevated to reach the even condition inside and be livable. Unlike other villa, this one has long curvy shape although still has significant look for modern design which is very sleek and cubical. Pale wooden plank is surrounding the edge of the villa and differentiate it with the natural surroundings. On the villa building, black wooden plank is replacing the uses of brick walls and give significant look amongst the wilderness.

Opening in Villa Blabar

On the contrary from the dark exterior, the Villa Blabar interior is full with bright colors. The walls and ceilings are painted in bright white while the flooring is used pale wooden plank. Some part of the house is using height size windows to allow more light to come into the villa. While the window area is not allows to be height size, the windows are spreading to the side. On the second floor where private room lies, the windows are smaller but still allowing bright natural light to come in as you can see in this pictures.

Furniture in Villa Blabar

All the activity room in this villa is not separated with any partition. This makes the light from outside to the inside comes in unbearable. Also the big windows allowing the outdoor view to be sense inside. Especially in the kitchen area where the chef is allow to enjoy the woods vast scenery while cooking. The cabinetry has shakers kitchen style which gives clean and regular look. Every door and drawer has hidden handle to maximize simplicity. Look at these pictures and see that next to the kitchen is white simple round dining table surrounding with red and white dining chairs.

The furniture gives fun ambience to the white looking room. Look more for other furniture ideas in this house to enrich your view. To differentiate the kitchen to dining room, a colorful rug is place beneath the dining table. Living room is next to the dining room. White rug is place in the center of the living room and decorated red couch and red wing chair. Other villa Blabar decoration is very fun too, just scroll around and find exiting decoration in bathroom, bedroom and kids’ bedroom.

White Drawers Bedroom Interior Ideas

White Round Table Pink Living Room Sofa Design

Black Wall Exterior Red Bech Concrete Stair

Coffe Table White Wall Painting Wooden Floor

Dining Room Red Chairs Wooden Floor Colorfull Carpet Design

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