Amazing Town @ House Street’s Creative Concept

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The amazing Town @ House Street is something that has never been tried in the designing world before. The boutique hotel that is located in Milan has a unique concept of fusing the outside town with the inside of the house. How can this be done? It’s simple. Just decorate the house with something that shows the scenery of the artistic Milan! And that is what Simone Micheli did with this special boutique hotel.

Special Aspect of Town @ House Street’s

Believe me, I really mean it when I said that Town @ House Street by Simone Micheli is decked with things that are shaped like the scenery of the town. Well, more like painted, because that is what makes the inside feels like the outside. The walls of the rooms have wallpapers of the city. That is right; the photos of the cities are installed as wallpapers of the rooms. The same goes for ceilings, because the ceilings have wallpapers of the electricity poles and the sky of Milan. This way, the guests are able to see the beauty of Milan without having to go out of their rooms.

There is no need to worry about disruptions, because the rooms are in minimalist style that will make the wallpapers the focus of the rooms. The beds hardly look like beds because they are wrapped with white sheets and coverings, and the beds are placed under the bed holder that contains neon lights under it. Across the bed, a polished stone with the same color as the bed holder is attached to the wall, extending from one corner to another. It is completed with a white chair to make a “desk” for the guest. At the top and the bottom of the “desk” is where the storage shelves of the same color are placed. Pretty simple, right?

Knowing Milan through Town @ House Street

The concept is something simple, but it definitely is unique. The wallpapers might something simple, but they make the boutique hotel stands out more than the other boutique hotels. It also makes the hotel more special this way, giving a more unique ambiance to the guests. Visiting Milan would be incomplete without staying in this creative Town @ House Street by Simone Micheli.

Boutique Hotel Suites Boasting Incandescent Design White Towels

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Town House Street Boutique Hotel Suites Boasting Incandescent Design

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