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There are lots of movies out there that show this world having an advanced technology, and the same goes for the technological toilet in the movies. It makes sense, since mankind has been dreaming until now about a world where the cars would fly, the phones would have a separate screen on its own without 3D glasses, and so on. Well, it seems that we are one step closer to mankind’s dream! It is not something that really stands out, but I am sure the technology in this special toilet designed by Young Sang Eun is making us closer to our dream.

All About the Technological Toilet

Everything about the technological toilet by Young Sang Eun screams futuristic. Just look at the outer appearance of the toilet. It fuses urinal with toilet at the same time! Yep, this is actually possible. The toilet transforms into urinal just through a push of a button. Push the button, and the toilet will be packed then turned it, revealing the hidden urinal behind the toilet. Who would have thought of such innovative and convenient design, if it is not Young Sang Eun?

What about the sanitary of the toilet and the urinal? Do not worry about that, because Young Sang Eun already thought of something brilliant to take care of the germs on the toilet and the urinal. The toilet is packed with hot steam and ultraviolet light. Together, the ultraviolet light and the hot steam work together to make the toilet clean and neat like it is a new toilet that has never been used before. Such advanced cleaning system!

Why Technological Toilet is Great

This futuristic toilet is definitely a breakthrough in this world. The toilet is not only simple and clean (thanks to the white porcelain that made up the toilet), but it is also convenient because of the design that fuses urinal and toilet into one. Moreover, there is also the advanced cleaning technology where the toilet does not have to be scrubbed at all to make the toilet clean. What more should be demanded from this great toilet? Kudos to Young Sang Eun, because he made this world one step closer to the dreamed technology we always wanted. Who knows, this great technological toilet by Young Sang Eun can bring out other amazing things from other people.

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