Amazing Song Saa Private Island for Cambodia’s Beauty

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Cambodia’s beauty is something that is something that not many realize nowadays, but I am sure the beauty can be enjoyed when one stays in Song Saa Private Island. Its strategic spot in Cambodia makes it the perfect place for those who specifically want to enjoy the beauty of Cambodia. Exploring the resort means exploring Cambodia, because not a single time Cambodia’s beauty would escape from this resort.

Seeing Cambodia in Song Saa Private Island

Relaxing while seeing the beauty of Cambodia is really done best in Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia. There is a semi-circle swimming pool that is built right on the high balcony, giving the sea as the beautiful background for those who wants sit on the unique round white sofas next to the swimming pools. One can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset as he sits on the log-designed balcony set placed behind the swimming pool and the white sofas. For those who want to get closer to the sea though, there are always the reclining chairs built right on top of the swimming pools. The dining room located at the huts is always an option to enjoy the sea while dining also.
The beauty of Cambodia still can be felt inside. The naturally-designed porcelain bathroom is placed at a corner that has glass wall, making the outside sea scenery visible from the inside. There is also the living room decked with white couches facing the glass doors that lead to the veranda, allowing one to enjoy the breeze of the sea as he sits inside. Lying down on the white double bed while enjoying the sea breeze is also possible because the bed is placed behind the sofa, just one floor level higher than the sofa. Of course, there is always the specialized hut in the middle of the sea that is connected to the main resort with a wooden path. In hut, one will definitely enjoy the sea at its best.

Feeling the Sea through Song Saa Private Island

Is not it amazing how the sea can be enjoyed everywhere from the resort? This is what makes the resort special. Not only it specializes at spoiling the guests, it is also specializes that exploiting the beauty of the sea without disrupting it. Everywhere the guests go, they will feel the breeze of the sea thanks to the design of the resort. This creative thinking of the exotic Song Saa Private Island in Cambodia is the reason why the resort should be given a nod.

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