Amazing Offset House’s Design

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A house with unique geometrical shape and design always has something unique in its own, and Offset House is no exception. This house that is located in Sao Paolo of Brazil is unique in booth its structure and design making it famous throughout the world because of that. Many admire its beauty despite of its odd shape. Moreover, the beautiful interior design and outside view of the house just add the charm of this oddly-shaped house. In fact, both the beauty and the unique shape of the house are admired altogether.

Beauty in the Uniqueness of Offset House

When I say that the shape of Offset House by Shieh Arquitetos Associados, I really mean it. Its shape is so irregular that no word can describe the geometrical shape of the house. It cannot be called a triangle, rectangle, or even trapezoid. In fact, I think that the house has a mixture of all the geometrical shapes mentioned just now. How? I do not know, but this is what makes the house unique overall.
Do not worry because I stay true to my words. The interior design and the natural surrounding are dazzling. With white as the base color of the house, the house fuses perfectly with the natural surroundings of trees and palms. There is a humongous tree at the backyard, adding the freshness into the house. The furniture of the house also adds the charm of the house. The furniture used is minimalist furniture, but this adds the charm because the combination of slim neat design of the furniture with lightning of the house makes everything look fabulous. There are also glossy glass windows where the residents can enjoy the outside scenery without having to step outside.

Offset House for Everybody

The house is a house that has everything combined into one. The natural view gives a refreshing breezy feeling that cannot be gotten in the city. The elegant interior of the design makes everything about the house looks luxurious. However, the best thing of the house is still the shape of the house – odd but unique and creative. The unique Offset House by Shieh Arquitetos Associados is definitely for everybody as it serves different kind of taste of different people.

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