Amazing New W Hotel’s New Way of Vacationing

New W Hotel Koh Samui Unique Lamps

Those who have been visiting numerous amounts of hotels and resorts should definitely visit the New W Hotel to shoo the dull feeling away. The hotel has unusual and unique designs and would try to do anything new to satisfy the guests’ need and wants – as long as it is legal. Trust me, vacationing in Thailand, in fact, vacationing in anywhere else will never be the same just like vacationing in this modern hotel.

Anything is There in New W Hotel

Everything about New W Hotel by MAPS Design is so beautiful and extraordinary, it literally can be called heaven on earth. The hotel has a wooden pathway hanging in the middle of the sea, with floating round relaxation sections at the path’s left side. The round floating “rooms” are in the color of luxurious black with cream-colored sofas surrounding the inside side of the round rooms. The sofas are decked with pillows of the same color, with some pillows colored in neon-pink to enhance the sections and make the small round coffee tables prettier. Do not worry about reaching these awesome spots, because there is always blocks of woods standing between the rooms and the wooden pathway.

The hotel also has a grand hall that is simple yet beautiful. The dark brown floor of the same color with the wooden frames of the hall is colored with white flowers to make the house less gloomy, and the hall leads to the grand “W” statue one the guests reach multipurpose gathering hall. For those who want to take a break from the frenzy of this hotel, he can relax himself by sitting on gray single chairs and their neon-pink pillows. The chairs are separated by Rabbit-like modern statues in the in-wall shelf.

Adventure in New W Hotel

As it can be seen, the hotel is pretty bizarre and unusual. This is because of the fact that they fulfill everything the guests want, from bizarre decorations to bizarre services. This makes the hotel perfect for those who want unusual adventure during their vacation time, of course. The vacation in the creative New W Hotel by MAPS Design is definitely going to be exciting yet fun!

New W Hotel Koh Samui Unqiue Chairs

New W Hotel Koh Samui Whit Stone Wall

New W Hotel Koh Samui With View

New W Hotel Koh Samui Wooden Ceiling

New W Hotel Koh Samui Wooden Deck

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