Amazing Modern House with Glass Windows Designs

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Contemporary Sofas And Wooden Cabinet

Modern House becomes a consideration a lot of people to build a house in the modern era like today. Modern house is synonymous with minimalist designs and neutral colors which give the impression of a dynamic and practical interior. If you are interested in building a modern home, then you can take inspiration from home in Eindhoven, The Netherlands below.

This one level home built for a family, with spacious green yard and the two structures are connected by a rectangular swimming pool with crystal clear water. In addition allows the owner to swim whenever he wants, it also makes an exterior design of this house looks cool and fresh. One thing that is very interesting about this house is, that like most modern homes, using transparent glass wall that replaces the classical wall. The large glass windows allow daylight into the room of Modern House with Glass Walls and provide natural lighting, while stuck dim light at night.

The transparent glass window makes anyone can freely see home interior design that comes in a way that is no less interesting and leaving a space wide open for the owner to move. Spacious living room furnished with contemporary sofas and wooden shelves against the wall and filled with ornaments. Uniquely, on the other side of the house, you can see one side of the curved transparent glass with a personal workspace in it. Not only in the public sphere, even the corridors and hallways are also not spared from the decorations. See a striking painting on one of the hallways in this house, which makes anyone who crossed it, will not feel bored.

Lighting is one of the main keys in interior design to create the impression of spacious and light in the room. Besides a wide glass windows, this house is also equipped with solar panels and ceiling are covered with glass to flood the room with sunlight during the day, while LED lights and decorative chandelier illuminates the Modern House with Glass Walls Ideas at night.

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Large Glass Window And Transparent Glass Wall Flat Roof Curved Transparent Glass

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Large Glass Window And Transparent Glass Wall Flat Roof Rectangular Swimming Pool

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Large Glass Window And Transparent Glass Wall Green Grass Flat Roof Curved Transparent Glass Rectangular Swimming Pool

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Large Glass Window And Wooden Cabinet Transparent Glass Wall

Modern House With Glass Walls Ideas In 2013 Outdoor Plant And Glass Door Flat Roof

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modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-large-glass-window-and-wooden-cabinet-transparent-glass-wall
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-contemporary-sofas-and-wooden-cabinet
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-transparent-glass wall-and-natural-lighting-modern-homes-spacious-living-room- contemporary-sofas
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-transparent-glass wall-and-natural-lighting-modern-homes-spacious-living-room-work-or-art
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-large-glass-window-and-transparent-glass-wall-flat-roof-rectangular-swimming-pool
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-outdoor-plant-and-glass-door-flat-roof
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-large-glass-window-and-transparent-glass-wall-flat-roof-curved-transparent-glass
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-transparent-glass-wall-green-grass-flat-roof-large-glass-window-green-trees
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-transparent-glass wall-and-natural-lighting-transparent-glass-window-curved-transparent-glass
modern-house-with-glass-walls Ideas-in-2013-large-glass-window-and-transparent-glass-wall-green-grass-flat-roof-curved-transparent-glass-rectangular-swimming-pool


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