Amazing Minimalist Apartment in Black and White

Stainless Steel Desk Flexible Casters Black Leather Sofa Shiny Dark Marble

Minimalist apartment is one of the very favorites people love. Minimalist style has a beauty that cannot be comprehended while it manages at being able to keep the apartment clean and neat. Knowing the fame of minimalist style, ArhitekturaBudjevac design an apartment with a minimalist style that take people’s breathe away

A Minimalist Apartment’s Beauty in Color

The minimalist apartment housing that ArhitekturaBudjevac designed plays with the mixture of color and minimalist design of the furniture. The apartment is decked with cold colors that make the apartment breezy and airy. The floor is made of plain gray marble complete with the concrete gray wall, creating a set in its own. The ceiling and some of the furniture is in the color of white, giving a light to the gray that has been existing in the house through the ceiling and wall. The rest of the furniture, however, is in the color of black, completing the most favored set of cold colors that have been used many times by many designers.
The mixture of the colors might be gloomy for some, but it fits perfectly for the minimalist style of the furniture. The refined black leather couch looks elegantly simple from its design and color, just like the reclining chair with the unique design and same black color. A hanging chair has an exclusive design where the frame is in the form of caged semi-circle with the base as the cushion of the chair. The color of white and gray for the exclusive chair just makes it more elegant the black television is on top of a pure white countertop, where the wall behind it has unique illumination that gives vibrant feeling to the room. A portrait with gray horse pattern is hanged on top of the black couch, making the wall less plain.

Stylish Minimalist Apartment

As it can be seen from the pictures, the minimalist rooms are truly in minimalist style. The room does not have that much furniture, but the unique designs of the furniture combined with the cold colors give a unique stylish impression only minimalist style can pull. Minimalist apartment housing by ArhitekturaBudjevac is a minimalist house that managed to pull the minimalist style perfectly and smoothly while staying true with its minimalist theme.

White Bubble Chair Glass Pendant Lamp Black Leather Sofa White Drapes

White Drapes Bright White Kitchen Island Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Modern Ceiling Lights

Artistic Statue Contemporary Bubble Chair White Drapes Marble Floor

Box Bookshelf Grey Floor White Themed Beadboard Book Collection

Chaise Lounge Chair Elegant Black Sofa Contemporaray Bubble Chair Glass Coffee Table

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Rustic brick wall Modern TV setup Great hidden light Grey themed beadboard
Glass pendant lamps Shiny countertop White drapes Bubble chair
Marble floor White kitchen island Stainless steel basin Sparkling glass pendant lamps
Glass dining table White side chairs Modern TV setup Sophisticated hidden light
Marble floor Bright themed living space White kitchen island White wardrobe
Box bookshelf Grey floor White themed beadboard Book collection
White bubble chair Glass pendant lamp Black leather sofa White drapes
Great hidden light Rustic stone wall Glass rectangle coffee table Black sofa Amazing wall  decoration
Stainless steel desk Flexible casters Black leather sofa Shiny dark marble
White drapes Bright white kitchen island Stainless steel kitchen appliances Modern ceiling lights
Contemporary bookcase Glass dining table White side chairs Glass pendant lamp
Artistic statue Contemporary bubble chair White drapes Marble floor
Chaise lounge chair Elegant black sofa Contemporaray bubble chair Glass coffee table
Natural cactus Stainless steel pot Sparkling hidden light Modern TV setup


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