Amazing Luxurious Penthouse Interior Designs

White Glossy Table Wooden Door Transparent Glass Sliding Door

Probably there are not a lot of people who are interested in Luxurious Penthouse, considering the price is affordable only by the upper class. Penthouse is one of promising residential that offers comfort and luxury in the modern era, as now, especially in big cities. Penthouse is usually built on the top floor of an apartment with incredible views.

Apartment that inspired this time located in the W Tower in Park Tzameret in Tel Aviv, with views of the city can be accessed from the veranda and open wood deck. The deck of Luxurious Penthouse Designs is furnished with white sofas provide comfort while people chat with friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Transparent glass railing does not obstruct the view of the view of the city below. This deck is connected to the interior of the room through the sliding glass door, where you can go to see the beauty of the interior design.

Not just on the terrace, contemporary white sofa also placed in several seating areas, such as living room and family room. But nevertheless the unique decorating touches will not be missed from your sight, for example, circular brown oriental rug that covered the wooden floor. Other decorations are not less interesting is the display of bamboo wood is placed on top of the cabinet, not to mention the LED light that illuminates from within the cement wall. Public space comes with a white interior that makes the room look more spacious and bright, for example, contemporary sofa in living room, white dining furniture, and white kitchen counter with a shiny surface. Adequate lighting coming from the LED lights in the ceiling add to the dramatization of this open space.

You can also thumbs-up on decorating the room with the help of LED lights which highlight some dramatic angles and bouncing to the glass surface, for example on the railing on the top floor and the ceiling in a private reading room of Luxurious Penthouse Designs Interior are illuminated with glowing light.

White Sofa WIth Fabric Material White Glossy Coffee Table And White Curtain

Amazing Penthouse Flooring With Transparent Glass Combined With White Ceiling With Hidden Lumination

Unique White Sofa Bed Wooden Floor Transparent Glass Wall With Metal Frames

Tremendous Penthhouse Staircase With Colorful Lumination On Transparent Glass Ladder

White Bed White Cabinet And Table Dark Tile And Blue Hidden Lights

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