Amazing House in Tavira Presents Bright White Interior Design

Astonishing House Bedroom Design Pink Contemporary Low Profile Bed Furniture White Decoration

I am invited by professor to see new performance of his new invention. I get his house after taking a trip for two hours. This house is designed in contemporary flair. One storey building is built in large size. Moreover, white color of house matches with white sand on courtyard. This courtyard is planted with greenery and colorful flowers in order to create fresh atmosphere. Glass wall of this house reflects coolness and stylish concept. I walk through long corridor whose ceiling and floor are painted in white. Walls surrounding this corridor make it bright and I can see scenery outside freely. House in Tavira where professor lives is compatible for people who like modern and simple architecture. Above ground pool is available here.

House in Tavira with Bright Interior

Interior of House in Tavira is decorated in white so it results bright visualization. A white bed sofa with floral print sofa cushions is set here. Box coffee table with table top is set between white bed sofa and black leather sofa. Huge white shelves, modern fireplace and TV setup is combined into one furniture. On shelves there are many ornaments. On corner, I see round glass dining table which is surrounded by white side chairs. Indoor plant on glass dining table is intended to give fresh air in this room.

Classy Style of House in Tavira

Minimalist kitchen is dominated in white color too. Glossy white kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, kitchen drawers and kitchen shelves arouse bright view. Ceramic floor in this house represents clean interior. I get into bedroom which is full of white decoration. Contemporary white low profile bed is supplied with pink bed sheet. It is futuristic low profile bed in unusual shape equipped with bedside table. White wardrobe is set nearby this bed.

Bathroom looks shiny with dark marble wall and rectangular mirror. Modern ceiling lights in bathroom spread cool lighting effect. White washing stand is equipped with contemporary basins and stainless steel faucets. Porcelain toilet is fixed here. Workspace where professor usually finish his job is quite spacious and bright because of glass wall and glass table. Large bookcase is compatible to be applied in bright interior of House in Tavira.

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