Amazing House Design in Canada

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Have ever seen a house design that you will never forget? I have, and if you haven’t, I believe that you need to see this shoreline house design that owned by my business colleague. When I go there for business meeting, I don’t expect that his house will be this amazing. Everything in this house is extraordinary. My curiosity leads me into some questions that might become reference for me to redecorate my house and I believe it can also become your reference to create or redecorate your house someday.

The beauty of this amazing house design is produce by some elements. The first element is of course the location. This house is located in British Columbia, Canada. It built in the top of 613 square meters of shoreline rock. This beautiful house design style is using modern design that involves a lot of glass that mirroring the surrounding landscape.  This amazing house consist of two part, the first part is the main house and the second part is the small cabin that can be used for relax.

Interior of the Amazing House Design in Canada

The beauty of this great house design is not only coming from the landscape where this house is being built, but it’s also coming from the interior selection that is used to decorate the inside space of this house. Everything is perfectly selected to achieve beauty of interior design. Most of the furniture and household is using modern and minimalist design style, which is match to this astonishing house design theme, modern. The living room, the bathroom, the kitchen and many other parts of this house is perfectly decorated by considering the balance of the design.

Exterior House Design Material Selection

The last element that significantly contributes the beauty of this superbly designed house is the exterior material selection. Most of the exterior part of this house is manufactured by using glass in order to mirroring the surrounding landscape and give a modern accent into the house design style. That materials selection has successfully contribute one of the most important element in this great house beauty achievement. House design creation is about balancing every element to become one perfect decoration.

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