Amazing Home Design with Its Volumetric Design

Amazing Home Evening View With Spacious Garden Using Green Grass And Palm Trees

Amazing Home which called volumetric holiday home located in Brazil was built beautiful by Bernardes and Jacobsen Arquitetura and completed in 2010. Amazing shape of this building becomes the beautiful peculiarity of this house. It looks perfect with wide and wooden material almost all of the part of the house.

Extraordinary of carved object roof brings a different atmosphere in this Amazing home design. Opened living room in this beautiful house brings a comfort atmosphere because your guests could get the beautiful wind from the fresh environment. Beautiful view around of this house gives benefit to the owner of this house to capture the sunrise and sun set in the morning and evening.

This house has two volumes, the first volume is taken for the living room. More over the second room is taken benefit for the private room such as bedroom and bathroom. It will be nice for staying in a beautiful home design. Expert ability of the designer to create the beautiful harmonization between the nature and the atmosphere around are not in doubt.

By giving so many facilities inside of this house, it looks so comfort to be occupied. En exterior infinity pool and other facility such as comfort bedroom for family and guest, plus wide sauna is really great for the beautiful moments with family. With its modern design, this house does not forget to take nature material from the tropical wood for the covered of building. The other facilities which can be done around of the house are barbeque party together with your neighbor in wide yard that you have. It is perfect house, especially when the night is coming. Beautiful natural lighting can be seen easily from the house. It will be romantic moments together with your family in this Amazing home design ideas.

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