Amazing Futuristic Old House Blends Rustic and Modern Accent Perfectly

White Interior And Modern Furnishing Such As Glass Door And Partition Panel

It sounds weird to build a house in futuristic style but keeps stick out classic architecture. Old house remodeled into futuristic style is seen from old new house located in Pontevedra, Spain. Apparently, Futuristic Old House which is designed by Irisarri Pinera Arquitectos belongs to inspirational house design that must be included into your reference. Outdoor wall derived from stone looks so obsolescent. Courtyard is decorated with rustic concrete path, shrubs and grass.

Perhaps, stone outdoor wall indicates rustic and old style. Modern style is reflected from glass wall and geometric architecture. Combination between rustic stone wall and glass wall presents fantastic look. Futuristic Old House style that is dominated with stone accent is identical with natural taste. Spacious terrace with hexagon concrete cantilever is equipped with stunning outdoor furniture. Beautiful garden consisting of rocky ornaments and beautiful flowers brings sensational view around your house. Large swimming pool on spacious courtyard enables you to swim freely.

Natural atmosphere is seen from house interior which is surrounded by stone wall. Sleek marble floor goes with stone wall that has tough texture. Glass wall which is embellished with white drapes lets sunlight to brighten interior optimally. Photographs adhered on stone wall beautify dining room which is furnished with glass dining table and acrylic chairs. Grey fur rug covering marble floor applied under dining set has warm texture.

Modern minimalist TV setup in white color melds with white painted interior. Ornamental plants inside this house spread out fresh sensation. Glass folding door applied here is identical with futuristic house flair. Large bookcase in white color is used to store a lot of books. Luxurious bedroom which is combined with bathroom surely saves save space. Floral bedding style matches with minimalist white bathtub and washing stand. Glass wall in bedroom and bathroom lets you see fresh panorama outside. Inspiring Futuristic Old House Style is very unique.

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