Amazing Diminished House with Natural Touch

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I must say this diminished house is really not a small place to live in. The room space it is degraded, but it cost supplying more outdoor space. That is very good since the house is located in a quite dense area in South Jakarta, Indonesia where green environment is really needed. This house is allowing the owner to feel the serenity and the scent of nature in every place in the room. Every room has access to outdoor scenery which provides the freshness of the air every time you open the window.

Diminished House Roof Style

This modern diminished house is occupying western modern style. If you see these pictures, it combines two different roofs style for the whole area. Usual hip roof style is used for the central area in the house since this type of roof will allowing the water from rain to drop directly to the ground. Some area in the house is having flat roof style. This simple roof is design for the simplicity and easy access, but it will need a care through maintenance since the residual of rain water can gather there without anywhere to go and can cause the roof to be easily leaked.

Diminished House Green Environment

From the first time you see the house you will notice that this house have a big interest in outdoor green environment. The exterior garden is look very appealing with big trees, neat green grass, and vines covering the fence. When you walk inside, you will be directed with the space corridor to the inner house. You can enjoy the relaxing conversation in the lounge next to the corridor while embracing the fresh air. Living room is the end of the corridor where you can see that this room is flanked by two green areas. The idea is to blend the outside to the inside. That is why it has big opener with using glass doors to enhance the natural sense to the room. The room also has Bengkirai and Teak wood chips divider to differentiate public and personal room.

Word is not enough to describe the house. You have to see it for yourself the pictures of it where you can see the private pool outside the main bedroom and the work room will refresh your mood. This house may be diminish from the size meaning, but this diminished house design is actually maximizing the function and purpose of a sanctuary home where you can relax after whole day activity.

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