Amazing Cozy Home on the Suburb Area

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Green surrounding is dominated the exterior design of this cozy home. Located in the suburb area in Johannesburg, South Africa, this home is made to bring the outside environment inside the house. All room in this house is dominated with earthy colors which give warmth ambience to influence the resident mood.

Openings in Cozy Home

The cozy home designed to fulfill the resident needs of many things. First purpose is to have a home, sanctuary from outside world which covers with a lot of trees and other natural surroundings. Look at these pictures where the house has a lot of openings which allows the outdoor view to be part as inside life. The opening comes from the glass walls, doors and windows. Like the one in the backyard where there’s a generous blue pool, the connection to inside the house is build folding glass doors. This folding glass doors allows the dining and kitchen area to be exposed with fresh natural air from the trees surrounding or at night can be closed but you still can feel the natural ambience from inside the house.

Cozy Home Purposes

The second purpose in this house is to allow each member of the family to be able to do their personal activity at home. For instance the father of the family needs creativity room that can make him to be work well at home. As you see in this picture, the activity room is created on one side of the house. The room is design with natural materials, such as unpolished bricks for the walls, natural wood color for the table and racks, and crate as the seat. This creativity room also has good opening which allows the artist to get inspire from the surrounding area.

Being happy and comfort at home means you also need to entertain some family and friends to came around. This house allows you to have that purpose where big kitchen which fits for many kitchen equipment are able to make many dishes. Talking and chatting also can be done on the patio while enjoying vast green scenery. You should look around more to see why this house was greatly made to the resident comfort. The cozy home ambience is carefully made with the purpose of bringing the outside view as part of inside living.

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