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Modern Contemporary Living Room Interior Fireplace Ideas Gray Marble Floor Glass Coffee Table

It is a fact that contemporary living room is nothing uncommon in this world. In fact, it is something that is applied more and more in the newer houses in many neighborhoods. This makes sense, of course, since contemporary always managed to create new and unique ambiances that are like no other styles or themes. The unique ambiance of contemporary style is so impressive to the point that many are starting to use it now. For those who are confused, do not worry. Here are some great contemporary styles that can definitely be used by everybody.

Examples of Contemporary Living Room

The contemporary living room ideas I am going to get is something that is not hard, but it will still able to pull off the great ambiance contemporary styles usually give. The first one is a mixture of classical and temporary style, since the room is made of white walls and gray marble floor that gives a traditional feeling. However, the contemporary vibe can definitely be felt from the couches that are decking the living room. The couches, facing the fireplace installed on the wall, are made of rough gray clothing and black leather. That is right; the couches have two different materials.  See the contemporary ambiance of this style?

The second one is a more natural style that can be related with this green world. The wall and floor are made of concrete and wood, but there is nothing concrete and wood about the furniture of the room. Though there is a white carpet placed below the glass coffee table, the couch and chair is made of brown material. The style is also clashed with the tribal paintings and classical pots that can be seen decking the shelf. Through the mixture of color, the living room has a unique ambiance that can be enjoyed greatly.

Contemporary Living Room in Style

Of course, contemporary style is not only unique but also stylish. If they are done correctly, the contemporary styles would pull off a great look that will be admired by many guests. This way, the resident can definitely boast about the awesome living room he has. But hey, that is what the whole point of lovely contemporary living room ideas, right?

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