Amazing Contemporary House Design in Johannesburg

Sophisticated Black Side Chairs Dark Glass Dining Table Venetian Blind Shiny Ball Pendant Lamps

Last year, I went to my family house in Johannesburg, South Africa. I went there to meet my old time family that hasn’t been meeting in several years. I don’t expect anything great in there. Don’t mean to despise the beauty of South Africa, but I really don’t expect anything good I there. But, the first time I saw my family’s house, my jaw was just suddenly dropped because I see one of the best designed contemporary houses in my life. I can describe this house by any words except, perfect.
This house is great contemporary house decoration that created by Nico van der Meulen Architects as one of the biggest names in architectural industries in the world. This perfect house is very dynamic and has a lot of details. The beauty if this astonishing house, which is called Sedibe House, is in the dynamic construction and the details around the house. The combination between all of the design elements is just perfect. The synergy of the design with surrounding nature is also one of the things that make this beautiful house possibly the best contemporary house design in the world.

The Contemporary House Interior Design

The interior design of this contemporary house composition is also perfect. When I was in there ii just can’t take my eyes of the unique metallic gold round lamp that hanging in the living room. I ask my family about the lamp and they said that it was custom made. Every part of the interior design of this great house is perfect. The entire furniture is modern style furniture with a slight touch of industrial accent in the kitchen design. The other unique interior design element is the glass stairs that connect the first floor to the second floor.

The Contemporary House Exterior Design

The exterior design I also one of the most important parts in this great contemporary house beauty. The combination of natural elements like wood and stone is combine with solid concrete that make this house look so simple yet so beautiful. My favorite spot of this house is in the swimming pool upper deck. This wooden deck is just perfect to spend the see the sunset. Contemporary house design is something that needs a lot of creativity in creating it and ma family and their design has successfully managed it into a great house design.

Square Path Design Shiny Marble Floor Venetian Blind Fresh Greenery

Stainless Steel Barstools Glossy Kitchen Countertop Fresh Indoor Plant Sophisticated Kitchen Appliances

Stainless Steel Barstools Shiny Ball Pendant Lamps Stylish Glassware Marble Countertop

Warm Corridor Amazing Hidden Laight Laminate Flooring Lacquered Wooden Beadboard

White Marble Floor Box Coffee Table Cozy Sectional Sofa Dark Gloss Dining Table

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Shiny ball pendant lamps Glass railing Sleek marble floor Glass staircase
Sophisticated black side chairs Dark glass dining table Venetian blind Shiny ball pendant lamps
Glass coffee table Contemporary sofa Ball pendant lamps Glass bay windows
Elegant swimming pool Chaise lounge chairs Green front yard Geometric architectural house
Fascinating pool Glass baluster Cool hidden lights  White marble floor
Glass stair steps Marble floor Glass baluster Metallic screws
Green front yard Modern house Palm trees Outdoor furniture
Laminate flooring Modern bed Soft hidden light Dark carpet
Chaise lounge chair Round table Wooden deck Iron railing
Preety flowers Glass vase Black coffee table Elegant sofa bed
Luxurius swimming pool Amazing outdoor staircase Attractive outdoor  lights Glass wall
Rustic stone wall Fresh ornamental plants Cool spray water Glass bay window
White marble Stylish barstools Inspiring pool Unique range hood
Warm corridor Amazing hidden laight Laminate flooring Lacquered wooden beadboard
Chaise lounge chairs Exterior swimming pool Palm trees Rocky garden
Glass bay windows Ornamental plants Sleek marble floor White grovels
White marble floor Stainless steel range hood Fresh flower Elegant kitchen countertop
Natural indoor plant Marble kitchen countertop Shiny ball pendant lamps Range hood
Exterior swimming pool Chaise lounge chairs Iron railing Ornamental plants
Stainless steel barstools Glossy kitchen countertop Fresh indoor plant Sophisticated kitchen appliances
White marble floor Box coffee table Cozy sectional sofa Dark gloss dining table
Low profile bed Elegant black bed Stainless steel faucet Glossy basin
Glass stair steps Shiny marble floor  Glass railing Ball pendant lamp
Stainless steel barstools Shiny ball pendant lamps Stylish glassware Marble countertop
Fresh ornamental plants Black stone wall Glass bay window Hidden lights
Square path design Shiny marble floor Venetian blind Fresh greenery
Chaise lounge chair Wooden deck Sliding glass door Stylish pergola
Rectangle dining table Black side chairs Artistic table top Classy bed sofa
Luxurious fireplace Black arm chairs White marble floor Glass staircase
Cozy sectional sofa Precious hidden light Preety flowers Glass box coffee table
Green front yard Dark theme grating Block paved path Fresh ornamental plants
Laminate flooring Fresh flowers Modern TV setup Cushy morris chairs
Exterior swimming pool Wooden deck Ornamental plants Iron railing


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