Amazing Brick Loft’s Elegant and Gorgeous Design

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Geometric design will never look the same to me again, thanks to Brick Loft that is located is designed by the creative Farm. Wanting to create a unique house that is different from the rest, Farm decided to use geometrical shapes and designs to make the house unique among the neighbors. Look, it works! Thanks to Farm, the loft becomes a unique loft that is admired by many.

Geometrical Brick Loft

I am serious when I said that the Brick Loft by Farm uses many geometrical shapes for its house. Look at the indoor “garden,” for example. The “garden,” decked with wooden floor, has the potted plants placed at the sides of the geometrical walls. The walls have unique square patterns, where the white squares have holes in the middle of it. Before the indoor garden, with glass doors dividing the rooms, a small living room with green patterns on the chairs is placed. The living room set is completed with some cargo-like coffee table. The marble floor beautifies the room, making the room gorgeous despite of the simple design. The kitchen has stairs with square ring fence for the stairs while the room divider of the kitchen has square patterns.

Even the geometrical vibe can be felt from the house’s other living room. The living room has black couch decorated with geometrical shapes, while the television is attached to the wall of the square room placed in the middle of the living room. The study chair, located at the side of the couch with its white study desk, has white circling patterns on its black chair.  Although the inside of the small square room is not known, it can be guessed easily that it is a bathroom decked in white furniture and wooden floor.

The Brick Loft: Smartly-Designed

Geometrical shapes will never look the same to me. It used to be something I loathe because of my despise to arithmetic, However, I admire geometrical shapes now. It can decorate a house into something unique yet elegant. Farm, knowing the greatness of geometrical shapes, know this and applied it the loft. Now, the spacey Brick Loft by Farm is something that is admired by many.

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