Amazing Big Rain Shower for a New Showering Experience

Modern Big Rain Sensation Shower Bathroom Ideas

Those who want a new kind of showering experience should rejoice, because Big Rain Shower is finally there for everybody to use. Designed by Dornbracht, the shower is something that can be considered- actually, it is something different because the designer designed it like no other kind of shower that has been created before. Trust me, using this shower would bring a new kind of experience that can be boasted to other people, making other people drop their jaw when they hear about the experience and the design of the shower.

Unique Big Rain Shower

I am sure many are asking about the name of Big Rain Shower by Dornbracht. Why is it called a shower that has a big rain? Why is the designer joining two different but similar aspects into one for the shower’s name? It is because no other of the fact that the shower actually gives a raining kind of shower. Many would not think of such design, but Dornbracht did and created one. This way, the resident can know how it feels to take a “shower” while being under the “rain” at the same time.

Of course, this kind of shower would be impossible if Dornbracht did not design his shower brilliantly. The shower is attached to the ceiling, not giving the resident trouble to carry the shower all around the bathtub. The shower is in the form of panel, making the water flow vertically from the ceiling. Since the water is from the ceiling, this would create a rain-like experience that is like no other shower! Yep the trickling of the water definitely looks like rain to me. To make it even better, the resident can control the pressure of the water, giving all kind of rain experiences to the resident. Is not this shower cool?

Fun Showering with Big Rain Shower

This unique kind of shower will never make showering the same again. I mean, just look at the overall physical aspect of the shower. It is installed on the ceiling, and the sensation the shower gives is definitely different from normal showers. Trust me; buying the cool Big Rain Shower by Dornbracht is definitely worth the fun the resident is going to get from the shower.

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