Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 Beautiful Modern Kitchen With Red Nuances White Floor White Wall Patterned Dining Chairs

If you feel bored with white interior decoration, so it’s good if you start thinking of designing with Red Accents. Striking colors and bold touches on the house will bring a new atmosphere that looks alive. not only that, your house can be recognized easily even from the outside. The following is one of the applications of red accents in the design of the house of Chatsworth.

If you catch a glimpse of the outside, you probably will not see anything different from the two-story house with the white picket fence. Sloping roof with a dim light peeking out from inside the house through transparent glass window become one of the most striking things. But once you enter the fence, you will find the Striking Red Accents come from large red flip door where you can peek into the interior design of the house with two bedrooms this. This house is also equipped with a veranda on the upper floor with outdoor furniture overlooking the scenery around. A modern twist is given in the entire corner of the room, including glass railing on the straight staircase connecting downstairs and upstairs of this house.

The staircase led to the upper floor which houses a comfortable lounge. Striking touches of red can be found on the red sofa cushion that steals the show between gray sofa and white walls. The lounge is equipped with a flat-screen TV placed on the wooden cabinet and wooden bookcase against the wall. Modern fireplace and two orange armchairs become focal points in the room. The lounge is open to the dining room and kitchen. The dining room comes with white dining table and patterned dining chairs around it, while the modern design of the kitchen cabinet captured from the bar table with wood and glossy surfaces in the middle of the room.

The kitchen also does not spare from the touch of Striking Red Accents Ideas that comes from the backsplash.

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 With Awesom Bedroom Design And Grey Carpet White Ceiling Patterned Wallpaper

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 With Beautiful Modern Kitchen And Modern Living Room With Red Nuances Grey Sofa Red Sofa Red Sofa Cushion White Floor White Wall

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 With Grey Sofa And Modern Fireplace Large Glass Window Glass Door Red Sofa Red Sofa Cushion Modern Living Room Decorations

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 With Grey Sofa And Modern Fireplace Large Glass Window Red Sofa Red Sofa Cushion Modern Living Room Decorations

Adorable Red Accents Decorating Ideas In 2013 With Grey Sofa And Modern Fireplace Large Glass Window Red Sofa Wooden Bookcase Modern Living Room Decorations Red Sofa Cushion

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