A Unique Round Concept with Low Cost Accessories

Modern Stove With Black Marble Countertop Pastel Brick Wall And Wooden Staircase Green Sofa White Chairs

There are several elements you need to apply if you have to have a perfect interior. Those elements are the combination between environmentally friendly materials, the design of furniture, the equipment of the sanitary, and the home appliances. The perfection can be seen on the interior of an apartment which you can find in the heart of historical district, Kiev. The main idea of this apartment is known as constant motion. The idea was founded by an architect namely Alex Bykov.

The Unique Round Rooms Concept

The constant motion concept of this apartment is on the spatial design areas. In this case, the bedroom, the lounge, the library, and the bedroom are located close to the kitchen. The idea is the easy way to move from one room to another without any kind of interruption space so you can walk easily and smoothly. The architect combines the concept with a cozy and warm living concept. It can be shown from the use of color of the pastel brick walls and the use of wood texture and the soft furniture. This design is a good option especially if you have a lot of books. What you have to do is applying the built in library and soon you will have a family library at home. Interestingly, instead of using expensive materials, he loves to take low cost materials to create a cool woodwork.

Low Cost Accessories for the Rooms

He also gives strength on the lighting. It makes the apartment looks dim, warm, and comfortable. The most important thing is that the use of low cost accessories to improve this apartment. For example, the decorative lamps are coming from Anna Popovych and Vasyliy Butenko, two Ukrainian designers. You can also use a wedding gift from your best friend as the accessory such as the ceiling lamp which is also coming from the wedding gift. To give the eye catching sensation, the architect is using wrought iron products. The application of the iron products can be seen on the legs of the coffee table, the legs of the dining tables, the mirror in the bedroom, the sleeve of the hood, and the windows.


Unique Hanging Lamp Dark Curtain And Wooden Table Green Sofa Glass Window Glossy Black Floor

Unique Standing Lamp Wooden Cabinet With Recatangular Mirror And Black Door White Bed Pastel Brick Wall Dog Sleeping On Floor

White Bed With Pastel Brick Wall And Gray Wall Wooden Cabinet Rectangular Mirror

Wooden Black Bookcase With Books Green Sofa White Dining Chairs Wooden Round Dining Table Wooden Staircase Inspiring Library Design Idea

Wooden Black Bookcase With Wooden Wall And Pastel Brick Wall Wooden Staircase Glossy Black Floor Inspiring Library Design Idea

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