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Exotic Asian Kitchen Interior Architecture Design Blue Decorating Kitchen Interiors

Impressive Kitchen Interiors Appears In Shiny and Flashy Decoration

To improve skill in cooking, most of my neighbors ask me to teach them how to cook various types of cuisines. I have to get their house door to door in order to watch over them whether they can cook well or not. First, I go to my neighbor’s house whose house interior is dominated in pink. She says that she loves pink very much because it reflects feminine sense….

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Astounding Sams Creek House Design Wooden Ceiling Large Window Glass Ideas

Gorgeous Contemporary House with Outsmart Ideas

Modern but has ouch of natural element is the theme of this contemporary house. Located in vast area, this house is fall in love with Mahogany wooden element. The house is covered in Mahogany wooden plank including walls, floors and ceiling. While the other area that is not covered with wood is replace with glasses. Like most modern houses in the western world, this house has flat roof to minimizing…

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Interesting White Canvas On A Green Roof Wooden Deck Glass Window

Impressive Natural House Design Dominated with Wooden Elements

My aunt needs my help to make birthday cake for his husband. Therefore, I come into her house soon. I endure staying at her house because this house is full of natural elements. There is garden designed with green grass and stone paths in the middle of green courtyard. Colorful flowers and greenery in this green courtyard provides shady place. Natural House Design of house can be seen from wooden…

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Fascinating Wooden Desk Italian Kitchen Minimalist Ideas Chaor Furniture

Excellent Italian Kitchen Designs Perform Elegant and Fresh Sight

My parents in law challenge me to cook Italian cuisine. They do not believe that I am able to cook various cuisines. However, I have to prove that I can do this. Thus, I come into their house and start to cook Italian cuisines as they ask. I find kitchen which is designed in unique style. Overall looks elegant in dark brown color. There is circular window in this kitchen…

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Modern Kitchen Wooden Drawers Stainless Stell Countertop Ideas

Amazing Cozy Home on the Suburb Area

Green surrounding is dominated the exterior design of this cozy home. Located in the suburb area in Johannesburg, South Africa, this home is made to bring the outside environment inside the house. All room in this house is dominated with earthy colors which give warmth ambience to influence the resident mood. Openings in Cozy Home The cozy home designed to fulfill the resident needs of many things. First purpose is…

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White Dining Table Cabinet Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

Lovely Kitchen Models Designed in Assorted Color for Cheerfulness

As usual every weekend, I come to my niece’s house located on center city. Apparently she has just renovated her house in order to look more fascinating. All of living spaces in her house now look colorful and charming. Even, kitchen in her house is turned into living space which presents colorful sensation. Floor in this kitchen is derived from dark brick so it seems cool. Glass sliding doors in…

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Modern Living Room Cream Clolor Sofa Black Chair Red Carpet  White Floor

Extraordinary Bayview Villa as Coziest Place in Classy Interior

I have won a quiz and then I get voucher that enables me to stay at Bayview Villa freely. Of course this villa is built nearby bay in order to get wonderful view of bay. I like design of villa which brings out contemporary flair but it is combined with natural ideas. Exterior villa is designed with stone element. Rustic stone wall looks so tough and it is regarded as…

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White Sofa Black Table White Wall

Sophisticate Modern Apartment in the City

Clean and sleek is the first impression on this modern apartment located in Russian’s Silicon Valley, Zelenograd. The apartment has pale neutrals base color throughout the room. But this did not make the sterile look since it balance with the use of dark accents. On contrary being sterile, for me this apartment look very sophisticated. Elegant look is shown from the partial and overall look room design and the furniture…

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DC1847   0057

Wonderful Kitchen Furniture In Your House

Kitchen is one of the important room parts in your house, choosing perfect kitchen furniture to decorate your kitchen is not an easy job, you need to match it with the decoration ideas inside of the kitchen room design ideas. You can combine the room decoration plans with the furniture that you use inside of your room decoration plans. It thinks it is really important to make a combination between…

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Nice Stylish Kitchen Designs Black Wooden With Drawer Storage

Luxurious Modern Kitchen Design with High Quality Kitchen Set

My grandfather and my grandmother have divorced but they still live side by side. Their houses are built in same styles. First, I visit my grandmother’s house whose all of interior is polished in bright color. I get into kitchen since my grandmother surely will cook my favorite foods every time I visit her. White beadboard in kitchen arouses bright visualization. Moreover, glass bay windows and glass door in kitchen…

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